35mm Series: 01

Recently I have been looking to get myself a classic 35mm compact slr or film camera. I went on ebay and I was looking on something japanese like Contax or Yashica. In the end I went for the Yashica T5 mainly because of the lens, which is Carl Zeiss Tessar 35mm f3.5, the size of the camera i.e ergonomics, which was one of the main reasons why I was looking for new camera. Lately I felt that I’ve been put off to take my camera outside because of the size of the body+battery grip+lens. Finally the idea of the super scope for waist level shots was cool. So I went for one of the T5s and here I will be posting some film rolls which I’ve started shooting and developing(not myself though). Enjoy!

The first roll to try was the one I could get my hands to the quickest, so went to the convenient shop and got a roll of Kodak ColorPlus 200. 

About the camera: I wanted a compact camera for everyday use. I went on a few forums and reviews to see what people like and don’t like about this mint Japanese point and shooter. I loved the praises on the Carl Zeiss lens and its sharpness,the little Super Scope on the top (for waist level shots) was a little bonus too. I noticed a few comments regarding the shutter button and how easy is to half press and take the shot without realizing. This could’ve been maybe a little annoying if you can’t half press and recompose but I didn’t find any issues with that and pretty much all the photos came out pretty sharp and as I remembered them in my head. There is a quiet sound confirming the focus and a yellow dot illuminates if object is in focus, which is helpful.

After picking up the scans, the photos were razor sharp, the colours were great, but I thought the contrast was a bit too strong. I jumped in Lightroom and only bumped up the shadows a bit to bring the details in the darker tones and increase the noise. Some of the photos where looking a bit cooler than they were supposed to. The weather during that week was actually so hot and very sunny most of the days. I’ve adjusted the white balance tiny, so the final images were looking closer to what I saw in reality on that day.

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